Board of Directors

Robert S. Silberman, Executive Chairman

Former President and CEO, Strayer Education, Inc.
Former President and COO, CalEnergy Company, Inc.
Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Army

J. Kevin Gilligan, Vice Chairman

Former CEO, Capella Education Company

Karl McDonnell, Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Education, Inc.

Former COO, Strayer Education, Inc.
Former COO, InteliStaf Healthcare Inc.
Former Vice President of the Investment Banking Division, Goldman, Sachs & Co

Charlotte F. Beason, Ed.D., Education and Health Care Consultant

Former Executive Director, Kentucky Board of Nursing
Former Chair, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

Rita D. Brogley, Former Head of Global Enterprise Partnerships, Facebook, Inc.

Former President and CEO, MyBuys
Former President and CEO, Moxi Digital
Former Member, Board of Capella Education Company

John T. Casteen, III, Ph.D., President Emeritus and Professor, University of Virginia

Former President, University of Connecticut
Former Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of Virginia

H. James Dallas, President, James Dallas & Associates

Former Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer,
Medtronic Public Limited Company
Former Member, Board of Capella Education Company

Nate Fick, General Manager, Elastic Security

Former CEO, Endgame
Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners
Former CEO, Center for a New American Security
Former Captain, United States Marine Corps
Trustee, Dartmouth College

Robert R. Grusky, Founder and Managing Member, Hope Capital Management, LLC

Founder and Former Senior Advisor, New Mountain Capital, LLC
Former President, RSL Investments Corporation
Former Vice President, Goldman Sachs & Co.

G. Thomas Waite, III, Former Treasurer and CFO, Humane Society of the United States

Former Director of Commercial Management, National Housing Partnership