Employer Partnerships

Empower your workforce

Employers today need a partner that understands the skills necessary for a thriving, modern workforce – and employees need a way to achieve economic and career mobility through education.

With two universities that offer dozens of degree programs, and through a suite of innovative services, Strategic Education, Inc. can give your employees what they need most: options. Whatever their learning styles or career paths, students receive a flexible, innovative, game-changing, and affordable education. Education that can boost the strengths of your talent pool and lay the groundwork for new levels of success.

Our approach to partnership is unique. Based on your organizational goals, we carefully select programs and services that will help employees gain job-ready skills to help meet goals. Education that helps your organization – and employees – grow and thrive.


Strayer University
Capella University
Jack Welch Management Institute
Hackbright Academy
Capella Applied Leadership
Welch Way

Interested in finding out how a partnership can benefit your workforce? Fill out the form or email us directly at employerpartners@strategiced.com.